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Lewis Mehl-Madrona: The Inflammatory Theory of Depression In this article, I describe a way of thinking about depression that makes sense of how we collapse from too much stress and from unremitting anxiety and misery. In this theory, eventually life overwhelms our capacity to resist inflammation and it runs away. From August 16th through the 19th, catch me in Hartford, Connecticut, to further discuss these ideas. For details, see
Lewis Mehl-Madrona: Narrative Concepts I attempt to say what a narrative is. It is a telling of something to someone by someone. It may reflect the basic means by which our brains work, the result of a co-evolution of brain and story to allow us to recall the myriad of details necessary for negotiating a social life with the 500 people whom we are capable of knowing. Its shortest form consists of two action clauses that can be sequenced and one orienting clause.

Joan Brunwasser: Dr. Amy Banks on Keeping Those Grey Cells Fit As We Age The most important thing to be doing as we age is to keep stimulating those brain cells.Staying engaged in mental activities like reading and learning and communicating with others keeps the brain cells alive and strong.I think people need to be able to maintain community and connections, opportunities to interact.The physiology of healthy relationship contributes to building a brain that is continuing to grow.
Lewis Mehl-Madrona: Beyond Narrative Therapy: Day 11 of the Australian Journey On Day 11, we engaged in dialogue about the narrative therapy of Michael White, which is what most people in Australia and the United States index, when we say narrative practices, and the narrative practices of indigenous people. While we deeply respect Michael White's contributions to psychology and humanity, we present him as one branch on a tree of narrative in which indigenous people live in the trunk and the roots. 1 1 Comment Count
Vidya Bolz: Trauma, Health and Neurofeedback summary of Dr. Robert Scaer's excellent video on his work on trauma and how it is stored in neural networks 1 1 Comment Count
Raymond Andrews: Developmental Neurodiversity Association One man's experiences as neurodivergent leading him to get involved in the Neurodiversity Movement by starting a nonprofit to help others like himself.

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