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Lewis Mehl-Madrona: Defining Coyote Psychotherapy In the recent meetings of the Institute for Psychiatric Services in San Francisco, Barbara Mainguy and I presented material on how we work with psychosis. We are exploring what it is that we do, and we know that it is inspired by indigenous elders, that it is centered on the body, which registers our traumas and stresses, that we are wedded to the idea of story occurring in a social context so that we are embedded with others. 1 1 Comment Count
Lewis Mehl-Madrona: Day 13 of the Australian Journey 2012 Today is Day 13 of the Australian Cultural Exchange Journey for 2012. After a quick morning run, we went to Mission Australia's Youth Forum 2012. We met Nancy Ingram, an elder from the area who attended Harvard University and knew about Vermont. I have a talk about the importance of heroism for adolescents and finding ways for them to be heroic or to save face when they feel they have not been heroic.
Lewis Mehl-Madrona: Day 11 of the Australian Journey 2012 Today is Day 11 of the Australian cultural exchange adventure for 2012. We interacted with Mission Australia in Sydney and were deeply impressed with their services for young people and for homeless adults. They have managed to integrate shelter with education and skills training so that homeless people become able to transition into the work force. One person told us, "I came here a prostitute, and I left an artist."
Lewis Mehl-Madrona: Day 10 of the Australian Journey 2012 Today was Day 10 of the journey and was a day for reflection and preparation for the Sydney portion of our trip. We reflected upon what culture camp had meant for people and confirmed that we would come again next year. Then we flew to Sydney and ate a marvelous fish dinner.
Lewis Mehl-Madrona: Approaches to Trauma in the Indigenous Community -- Day 10 of the Australian Journey Today is Day 10 of the Australian Cross-Cultural Mental Health Journey. Today we talked about trauma in aboriginal communities and how to address that trauma. We collaboratively arrived at some ideas to propose. We agreed that narrativizing is necessary. We need to hear the stories of woundedness that people have to tell and to celebrate their resistance to abuse and to focus more on the resistance than on being a victim.
Lewis Mehl-Madrona: Implementing Narrative Practices: Day 9 in Australia The highlight of Day 9 in our Australian cross-cultural mental health journey was a workshop for indigenous mental health and human service providers on how to make their services more indigenous friendly. This involves, of course, conscious decolonization of our clinical practices. We talked about the need to become more narrative, to listen longer and more deeply to the stories people tell us and to hear stories of others.
Lewis Mehl-Madrona: Intergenerational and Historical Trauma: Day 4 of the Australia Journey We continue our Australian cross-cultural mental health journey for day 4. Today's topic was intergenerational and historic trauma. In an inter-faith context we talked about the need for the suppressed stories to be told. We talked about epigenetics, which is the way in which the trauma of the ancestors are genetically transmitted across as many as four generations, if not more. We discussed the need to tell these stories. 1 1 Comment Count

Dr. Kathleen Albertson, L. Ac., PhD: What health treatment system treats multiple symptoms simultaneously? Acupuncture and herbal medicine holds secrets to returning you to your optimum vitality. Do you want to feel dramatically physically and emotionally better? Then Acupuncture and herbal medicine is for you. Here's 4 Reasons Why: 1 1 Comment Count
Judith Acosta: Beyond Biofeedback: How Words Can Help Children Heal Children learn who they are in the world via an organic form of biofeedback. Everything we say and do communicates and that communication is received by them not only cognitively but, perhaps more importantly, physiologically and genetically.
Vidya Bolz: Trauma, Health and Neurofeedback summary of Dr. Robert Scaer's excellent video on his work on trauma and how it is stored in neural networks 1 1 Comment Count
Luca Bosurgi DHyp, LCCH, MBSCH: The Man Who Revolutionizes Psychoanalytical Therapy - interview with Luca Bosurgi Luca Bosurgi, a defining voice in the emerging field of mind-spirit therapy, transforms psychoanalysis to spritual evolution. He has developed an original mind coaching technique: The CognitiveOS Hypnosis. For the first time he has agreed to talk about the power of the CognitiveOS Hypnosis and why it's the next step in psychoanalytical therapy. - By Nadien Aurel
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Nancy White: Alpha-Theta Neurotherapy As a Multi-Level Matrix of Intervention Alpha-Theta Neurotherapy, has been found in clinical practice, as in the original work of Elmer and Alyce Green and further developed by Eugene Peniston and described in his original research, to reduce or eliminate alcoholic craving while simultaneously addressing mental, emotional, physical and, at times, spiritual dimensions of alcoholism and surrounding issues.

Lincoln Stoller: Neurofeedback and Ayahuasca: A More Effective Program for Personal Growth Modern neurofeedback therapy is compared with the experience and goals of the traditional ayahuasca ceremony. A program of conducting neurofeedback training in conjunction with the ayahuasca ceremony is described. It's argued that such a combination enhances the goals of each program by providing better preparation and post-training support.

Judith Acosta: Holistic Psychotherapy and Hypnosis: The Myth and The Magic Hypnosis and holistic psychotherapy is a far more natural and almost "ordinary" process than we think. In fact, there isn't a day that most of us are not in some kind of trance.

Judith Acosta: Holistic Psychotherapy and Trauma Treatment What happens in trauma? Why do memories persist the way they do? What options do people have for successful recovery? This article offers a brief overview.

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