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Elaine Seiler: Make Way for the Energy of Spring!: 5 Tips For Energetic Spring Clearing Author and energetics expert Elaine Seiler shares 5 tips For energetic spring clearing.
Lewis Mehl-Madrona: Sweat Lodge, Prayer, and Community Prayer and community have been stripped away from contemporary health care. Both are sorely needed. I talk about the sweat lodge ceremony as being a laboratory for exposing mainstream healthcare practitioners to the perspective on health and the world of Native American people and show how it produces the kind of connectedness and sense of belonging that we desperately need and which is associated with greater health.
Warren Davies: What is Happiness? How would you define happiness? Is it an emotion? A state of mind? A decision? Is it a reaction to things that happen to us, like pain, or is it something we can create

Lincoln Stoller: Neurofeedback, Growth, and Habit I describe a holistic approach to changing addictive behaviors based on neurofeedback with elements common to the therapies of indigenous cultures. The transformative journey does not have to be terrifying, though it will be disturbing, confusing, and probably dangerous. Perhaps, in the end, it's not even a choice. 1 1 Comment Count
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Nancy White: Alpha-Theta Neurotherapy As a Multi-Level Matrix of Intervention Alpha-Theta Neurotherapy, has been found in clinical practice, as in the original work of Elmer and Alyce Green and further developed by Eugene Peniston and described in his original research, to reduce or eliminate alcoholic craving while simultaneously addressing mental, emotional, physical and, at times, spiritual dimensions of alcoholism and surrounding issues.

Rob Kall: Cross training Mind/Brain/Heart/Spirit and Shadow-- an interview with Terry Patten brief summary of and link to a podcast interview with Terry Patten talking about integral life practice, mind tools, neurofeedback and more.

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