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Lewis Mehl-Madrona: The Inflammatory Theory of Depression In this article, I describe a way of thinking about depression that makes sense of how we collapse from too much stress and from unremitting anxiety and misery. In this theory, eventually life overwhelms our capacity to resist inflammation and it runs away. From August 16th through the 19th, catch me in Hartford, Connecticut, to further discuss these ideas. For details, see
Lewis Mehl-Madrona: Accountability This essay is about accountability. In the community mental health center where I have been working, most of the patients lack any sense of self-agency or accountability. Most see themselves as helpless victims of diseases over which they have no influence. They expect me to provide them with a drug that will regulate their moods and emotions and make them feel normal again. What does it take to restore a sense of agency? 1 1 Comment Count
Saberi Roy: The Psychology of Fear On fear as feeling and fear as emotion and the study of fear in anxiety and phobia
Todd Kashdan: The Problem with Happiness Asked what is the fundamental objective of life, the vast majority of people answer quickly and definitively -- happiness. Their lives are organized around trying to be happy. Sounds good, right? Sounds even better when you read about the scientific benefits linked to happiness.
Saberi Roy: The Psychology of Empathy Describing empathy and delineating the stages of empathy along with the theoretical and therapeutic implications
Saberi Roy: The Psychology of Emotions Explaining emotions and distinguishing feeling and bodily reaction.
Ben Dench: The ADPAS Categories A discussion of the four quadrants of the Angyal-Dench Paradigm Assessment Schemata.

Patricia Norris: Self-Regulation for Immune System Disorders Beyond the amelioration or healing of an immune system disorder, biofeedback-assisted psychophysiologic therapy provides the experiential knowledge of self-regulation, self-mastery, and voluntary control, and an improved and empowered self image. This has far-reaching consequences, for the image that we hold of ourselves influences everything that we are and everything we do.

Rob Kall: Smile Anatomy: Emotional Self Regulation and Facial Expression Muscle Measurement and Training an overview of the use of smile muscle training, smile biofeedback and a discussion of a number of the facial muscles involved in authentic and inauthentic smiling, plus discussion of smile psychomotor retardation-- people who have a hard time smiling and feeling good feelings 2 2 Comment Count

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