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- Panel Biofeedback's Next Challenge: TheBasic Science of Consciousness Biofeedback's Next Challenge: TheBasic Science of Consciousness (SKU: AG-P-077)
Futurehealth WinterBrain Plenary presentation Panel The successes of biofeedack as a clinical tool have obscured its great promise in developing a basic science of the manner in which our feelings, hopes, images and thoughts--the stuff of our consciousness, are related to our brains and bodies. Biofeedback will play a key role in establishing trained introspection as an essential scientific procedure in human biology.
Consciousness, Discrimination Training, Introspective Acuity
Pamela Jaye Smith Creating Our Next Mythologies Creating Our Next Mythologies (SKU: AG-P-229)
Futurehealth StoryCon 20 minute presentation by Pamela Jaye Smith. Visionary story-tellers can both reflect and help shape the zeitgeist of an era. This talk presents Seven Thematic Approaches to insightful stories, plus a new look at Character Transformation, all from the Ageless Wisdom of our most powerful and timeless myths. Many mythic systems envision the ideal pattern for the evolution of people, cultures, and the species as a progression from Tribal Consciousness to Individual Consciousness to Group Consciousness. We will explore in depth aspects and manifestations of each level, methods of growth and transformation, and ways to express same in language both verbal and visual.
Consciousness, Media, Mythology, Story, Story Consulting, Story Mythology Archetypes, Story Writing, StoryTelling, Transformation
George Martin Entropy, Information, and Flexibility Entropy, Information, and Flexibility (SKU: AG-P-166)
Futurehealth Plenary Talk by George Martin An overview of entropy from anesthesia research. Spectral entropy has been referred to as the log of available cortical microstates. The Presentation will review research on anesthesia and entropy, cortical microstates, and possible applications to neurofeedback training and review of sessions.
Consciousness, Entropy, Microstates
Valdeane Brown How Can Non-localized Neurofeedback Training Work Without Being \ How Can Non-localized Neurofeedback Training Work Without Being "Global"? (SKU: AG-P-191)
Futurehealth WinterBrain 20 minute presentation by Valdeane Brown. Elegant training relies on the intrinsic self-organizing nature of both consciousness and the central nervous system. This presentation will explore these ideas and describe the overall framework of awakening bodhicitta and non-duality based psychology within which neurofeedback training finds a real foundation.
Boddhicitta, Consciousness, Non-duality
Jay Gunkelman Mind/Brain/Consciousness Mind/Brain/Consciousness (SKU: AG-P-190)
Futurehealth WinterBrain 20 minute plenary presentation by Jay Gunkelman. The various EEG frequencies are ascribed to generators, and the timing relationships and dynamics seen as the brain processes information are used to show the implications on the mind-brain problem.
Binding, Consciousness, Slow Cortical Potentials
Tom Collura Neurophysics - A 21st Century Science of the Mind Neurophysics - A 21st Century Science of the Mind (SKU: AG-P-206)
Futurehealth Plenary Talk by Tom Collura Neurophysics is a label applied to an interdisciplinary pursuit of an integrated understanding of the brain and mind. It incorporates a great deal of ?old? science, but it is a new science for the future. This talk will describe the emerging concepts and paradigms, and provide a perspective for viewing the developments which may be expected during the next century. Key aspects include information theory (?high-information? physics), self-organizing systems, multidimensional field potentials, and the breakdown of classical causality.
Consciousness, Mind-body Connection, Physics
Craig Webb Precognitive Dreams and the Everyday Physics of Free Will Precognitive Dreams and the Everyday Physics of Free Will (SKU: AG-P-083)
Futurehealth StoryCon 20 minute presentation by Craig Webb. Have you ever dreamt of events that later come to pass in waking life? If so, you are in good company along with 2/3 of the general population. Can such information be harvested for beneficial and practical use? The new hit TV show "Medium" shows one application -- helping to solve crimes, but there are many others. For many people, such dreams bring fear or guilt, since most of us have no training about how to handle such experiences. Others are skeptical that such premonitions are even possible or more than just random chance. This presentation will explore the science, experience and applications of such dreams and visions.
Consciousness, Dreams, Precognitive, Story, Story Consulting, Story Writing, StoryTelling
Pamela Jaye Smith The Future of Consciousness The Future of Consciousness (SKU: AH-P-250)
Futurehealth Plenary Talk by Pamela Jaye Smith THE FUTURE OF CONSCIOUSNESS What Myth and Metaphysics Foresee. What Science Observes. What Media Shapes. What Imagination Creates.
Consciousness, Media, Myth
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