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Podcast    H2'ed 5/23/10

Richard Soutar Neurofeedback, Transformation, AVS Entrainment, EEG Database, PTSD, Bio Psycho Social Mapping

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Broadcast 5/23/2010 at 8:58 PM EDT (139 Listens, 146 Downloads, 2343 Itunes)
Rob Kall Futurehealth Radio Show Podcast

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Bio: Richard Soutar, Ph.D.

A pioneer in the field of neurofeedback, Dr. Soutar has published three books on the topic of neurofeedback and conducted workshops on many aspects of neurofeedback at conferences and clinics in the U.S and Europe. As a former professor of psychology and sociology, he has had extensive experience in teaching and training at both the undergraduate and the graduate level. He has also been working continuously over the years as a clinician, director and business administrator of various neurofeedback clinics around the country and providing qEEG report services for other clinics. He developed the first BCIA accredited internet training course for Neurofeedback in 1998 which continues presently to help professionals become BCIA certified. He has worked successfully with professional athletes and businessmen on peak performance as well as a wide spectrum of individuals with the traditionally labeled psychological and medical disorders. He has pioneered a variety of clinical screening and assessment tools for neurofeedback including, the MiniQ, the New Mind Expert qEEG Analysis System, the Interactive Self Inventory, and the Cognitive Emotional Symptoms Checklist. He has consulted with several equipment manufacturers on the development of the MiniQ, Distance Training, Training Screen Formats and DVD Training as well as the portable mini neurofeedback trainer, the Bioscan ABT. Presently he is practicing neurofeedback in Atlanta, GA and consulting on a several grants and research projects with Emery University, GA, the University of Central Florida, the University of North Carolina, the University of Malaysia and the US Military for the treatment of PTSD and Depression.

Order these workshops and lectures by Dr. Soutar

An EEG Based Inventory For Neurofeedback Professionals SKU# AG-W2-024 Futurehealth WinterBrain Workshop by Richard Soutar. The Interactive Self Inventory is designed to be used by neurofeedback practitioners to assess clients in a variety of dimensions of social interaction. Using this Inventory they can assist clients in taking steps to change that are consistent with their qEEG patterns and their neurofeedback training. (Specifications: MP3, 2 hours)neurofeedbackassessment inventorytransformation $25.00 (min.)Tag(s): Assessment Inventory; Neurofeedback;TransformationMeasuring Transformation SKU# AG-P-117 Futurehealth Plenary Talk by Richard Soutar The Interactive Self Inventory relates dimensions of social behavior to dimensions of EEG distribution. Consequently general patterns of EEG distribution can be predicted based on dimensions of social behavior and vice-versa. In addition these dimensions can be used to identify key areas for transformation toward optimal performance as well as pre and post changes in behavior due to neurofeedback training and optimal performance training. This provides a unique instrument for assessment for neurofeedback providers based on the social domain that is educational in nature and does not require psychological expertise or certification for implimentation. (Specifications: MP3) $7.00 (min.)Tag(s): Inventory;Neurofeedback;TransformationTeaching Meditation through Neurofeedback SKU# AD-W2-018 Soutar, Richard. Futurehealth Workshop by Richard Soutar (Specifications: MP3) $25.00 (min.)Tag(s): Meditation Through Neurofeedback;NeurofeedbackDemystifying Researched Alpha Theta Protocols SKU# AF-W4-029 Scott, William, and Richard Soutar. Futurehealth Workshop (Specifications: MP3, 4 hours) $65.00 (min.)Tag(s): Alpha-theta;NeurofeedbackThe Self with a Million Faces SKU# AF-P-002 Soutar, Richard. Futurehealth Plenary (Specifications: MP3, 20 mins) $7.00 (min.)Tag(s): Optimal Functioning Peak PerformanceQuantifying Chaos; new non-linear ways of imaging EEG SKU# AF-P-020a Scott, William, and Richard Soutar. Futurehealth Plenary (Specifications: MP3, 20 mins) $7.00 (min.)Tag(s): Neurofeedback; Non-linearConfounds of Training Westerners in Meditation from an EEG Perspective SKU# AF-P-044 Soutar, Richard. Futurehealth Plenary (Specifications: MP3, 20 mins) $7.00 (min.)Tag(s): Brain; NeurofeedbackA Shaman's Guide to Neurofeedback: The Convergence of Ancient & Modern Technical Human Transformation SKU# AA-W2-035 Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour presentation by Richard & Barbara Souter (Specifications: MP3, 2 hours) $15.00 (min.)Tag(s): Alpha-theta;Meditation; SynchronicityAttachment, Habituation, & Mental Disorder: East Meets West SKU# AD-P-14a Futurehealth WinterBrain Plenary presentation by Richard Soutar (Specifications: MP3, 20 mins) $7.00 (min.)Tag(s): Attachment;Attachment Disorder;NeurofeedbackAlpha/Theta Training & Spiritual Dimensions of Counseling SKU# AB-W2-007 Futurehealth WinterBrain Workshop by Richard Soutar (Specifications: MP3) $25.00 (min.)Tag(s): Alpha-theta;Neurofeedback; Spiritual HealingWaking Up The Automatic Self SKU# AH-W2-301 Futurehealth Workshop by Richard Soutar Our neurophysiological organization is such that we routinize our responses to all situations and once the routines are established to act reflexively or automatically to the fast majority of future situations unless they are novel. As a consequence we tend to become prisoners of our own habitual patterns. If those patterns are not well matched to our environment we may misinterpret what we perceive and respond inaccurately. The result can be unproductive conflict or neglect resulting in lack of access to social resources. This workshop focuses on methods of identifying key domains of routinization that pertain to social interaction that are counterproductive. Methods of transforming these patterns utilizing neurofeedback, self-awareness training, visualization and insight will be explored. (Specifications: MP3, 2 hours) $25.00 (min.)Tag(s): Automatic Self;Neuromeditation;Transformation And TranscendenceTeaching Meditation through Neurofeedback SKU# AE-W2-018 Futurehealth WinterBrain Workshop by Richard Soutar. (Specifications: MP3, 2 hours) $25.00 (min.)Tag(s): Meditation; Meditation Through Neurofeedback;NeurofeedbackCycles, Spirals, and Resonances: The Reflection of Human Behavior in Neocortical Dynamics SKU# AE-W2-047 Soutar, Richard. Futurehealth Workshop (Specifications: MP3)neurofeedback $25.00 (min.)Tag(s): Behavior Modification;Neurofeedback; Optimal Functioning Peak PerformanceDoing Neurofeedback SKU# 4001.13 At first neurofeedback appears to be a simple matter, but as you begin to get really involved, many are quickly overwhelmed. This is the basic "how to" introduction to applying neurofeedback to correct synaptic behaviors. (Specifications: book, 145 pages) $40.00 (min.)Tag(s): Biofeedback-Neurofeedback;Neurofeedback;Neurofeedback Training

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