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Biofeedback Stand-Alone Instruments Non-Computerized training devices

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MyoTrac™ EMG

packs extreme sensitivity into a light, compact unit that works for you and your patient in the clinic or home. It is ideal for clinical assessment as well as for self-training. MyoTrac™ allows total freedom of movement for ambulatory exercises and provides a bright light bar and proportional tone biofeedback. The unit is accurate and reliable. MyoTrac™ offers three sensitivity ranges for muscle strengthening, rehabilitation or relaxation therapy, and provides stable readings in less than a second.

New $499 $464 used (if available) $299

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AT-53 Dual Channel EMG $1450 (50Hz and 220 V adaptations available at extra fee for other Country's electrical and filtering needs

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AT-33 Single Channel EMG $829 (if you are in a country requiring 220 volt add $20.)

AT42 Portable Single-Channel Temp

AT42 Temp/Thermal Single-Channel $839

Portable Biofeedback Trainer

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Portable Single-Channel skin conductance or Galvanic skin response $1339

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Monitor Series

M-4 EMG, C-2 Skin Conductance

MyoTrac Infiniti
has been designed to aid in
muscle re-education, rehabilitation and in the treatment of incontinence.
$2489 free shipping in US

MyoTrac Infiniti systems allow you to measure high-resolution surface electromyography (SEMG) and perform electrical stimulation (STIM) in a large number of configurations. The MyoTrac Infiniti stands apart from the competition by also combining these two modalities in various ways. It performs among others SEMG-triggered stimulation (ETS). SEMG is used to trigger stimulation, to help patients improve volitional activation of target muscle groups. This combination of three modalities enhances treatment possibilities and eliminates the requirements


The MyoTrac 3™, with BioGraph Infiniti Software and Continence Suite Software $2589 free shipping in US

allows clinicians the flexibility to customize applications for a diverse patient population.

A highly sensitive dual channel sEMG biofeedback device, the MyoTrac 3™ allows clinicians to monitor two muscle sites simultaneously. BioGraph Infiniti Software can be used with any laptop computer and Windows® 2000/XP for easy, portable monitoring.

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Incontinence EMG

UControl-EMG $395 designed for incontinence training. Requires personal, single user sensor.

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AT-62 Portable Alpha-Theta EEG $1589