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Textbook of Neurofeedback, EEG Biofeedback, qEEG and Brain Self Regulation

edited by Rob Kall and Joe Kamiya

© 2003 Futurehealth, Inc.

this e-book was originally envisioned being a printed book. Some chapter authors sent separate art for illustrations, figures and tables and they may be missing due to the transition to the web. We apologize for the inconvenience. All the chapters were submitted between 1994 and 1998.

DVDs, CDs, Tapes on Neurofeedback , qEEG, ADHD, and related topics for Neurofeedback Practitioners

learn from the world's leaders in the field.

Chapter listing

Neurophysiological Substrates of Biofeedback

Clinical Applications: Training control of Cortical Activation

The EEG Driven with Auditory or Visual Stimulation

Clinical Applications: Training Control of Decreased Cortical Activation

Head Injury and Biofeedback

More to biofeedback than clinical applications

Meditation, Psychophysiology, and Biofeedback

Experimental Models, Basic Research , Potential Clinical Applications.

Conceptual Issues: Philosophy, Phenomenology, Science & Behavior


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