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Helen Gibbons: The 6 Hour Solution to Work stress Helen Gibbons, Chief Psychologist and pioneer of Autogenic Training in Australia,discusses the benefits of Autogenic Training in combating work stress, particularly in the Mining and other high risk industries. Developed by German Neuroscientist Dr Schultz, AT is backed by over 3,000 clinical studies worldwide and is used by NASA astronauts to help them adapt to the physical and psycholocial stressors of space travel. 1 1 Comment Count
Richard A. Sherman PhD: Why do you need training to effectively incorporate psychophysiological assessments and biofeedback-based interventions Everyone planning to include psychophysiological assessments and biofeedback interventions in his or her practice needs, at the very least, to take a basic course in biofeedback. A good course will help you understand the relationships between the feedback display, the physiology being recorded, and the disorder being assessed and then treated.
Dr. Clare Albright: Get in the Zone with Neurofeedback Peak Performance can be enhanced with neurofeedback
Dr. Clare Albright: How Neurofeedback Therapy Can Help Athletes Reach Peak Performance Levels Can neurofeedback help athletes to reach peak performance levels?

Tom Collura: Connection, Inhibition and Path-Specific Relaxation Training The brain is a hyperconnected system, containing on the order of 10 billion neurons, each of which can have hundreds or thousands of connections to other neurons. The brain depends on dynamically managing trillions of connections, to regulate the interactions between all of its parts. How are all of these connections managed toward useful ends? The key lies in the ability to network to selectively enable or disable conn...
Rob Kall: American Character Strengths Threatened By Private Health Insurer Economic Policies The American character has been undergoing a dangerous and effective attack that has, in my opinion, gone virtually un-noticed. The character values of self-reliance, self responsibility and self control are being seriously eroded by private for profit and non-profit health insurer policies.
Gary Ames: *Why I Love Biofeedback There are plenty of reasons to love biofeedback and neurofeedback. Here are my favorite reasons.
Tom Collura: A Relaxation/Activation model for EEG Alpha EEG Alpha training is put in the context of the entire brain, and its normal level of cycling. This can help to motivate neurofeedback training, and connectivity training in particular.

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