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#1 10/10/2014 The 6 Hour Solution to Work stress (Helen Gibbons) 1 1 Comment Count
#2 6/10/2010 Why do you need training to effectively incorporate psychophysiological assessments and biofeedback-based interventions (Richard A. Sherman PhD)
#3 2/19/2010 Get in the Zone with Neurofeedback (Dr. Clare Albright)
#4 2/6/2010 How Neurofeedback Therapy Can Help Athletes Reach Peak Performance Levels (Dr. Clare Albright)
#5 2/1/2010 Connection, Inhibition and Path-Specific Relaxation Training (Tom Collura)
#6 12/9/2009 American Character Strengths Threatened By Private Health Insurer Economic Policies (Rob Kall)
#7 10/14/2009 Why I Love Biofeedback (Gary Ames)
#8 10/12/2009 A Relaxation/Activation model for EEG Alpha (Tom Collura)

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