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#1 5/13/2008 Getting Started with Neurofeedback (John Demos) Demos, John. Getting Started with Neurofeedback shows how brain imaging and scientific research can be used by professionals as well as health conscious individuals in search of peak performance, cognitive enhancement and relief from the symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Asperger's disorders, traumatic brain injury, repressed emotional issues, PTSD, addictions, migraines and other problems that relate to brain metabolism.
#2 5/13/2008 I-330 C2 plus 6 channel (FutureHealth Products) I-330 C2 plus 6 Channel Flexible and Powerful EMG, EEG, ECG, HRV, SC and Temperature. Versatile, powerful full function biofeedback/ neurofeedback system
#3 5/13/2008 I-330 C2plus 12 channel (FutureHealth Products) J&J Engineering. I-330 C2plus 12 Channel Flexible and Powerful EMG, EEG, ECG, HRV, SC and Temperature
#4 5/13/2008 Doing Neurofeedback (Richard Soutar) At first neurofeedback appears to be a simple matter, but as you begin to get really involved, many are quickly overwhelmed. This is the basic "how to" introduction to applying neurofeedback to correct synaptic behaviors.
#5 11/13/2008 Advanced BrainMaster EEG Neurofeedback Practicum (Thomas Collura) Futurehealth WinterBrain 4 hour Workshop by Thomas F. Collura, Ph.D from 2002.
#6 9/26/2008 Controlled Study Using EEG BF (Peter Orlando) Futurehealth Plenary by Peter Orlando
#7 11/3/2008 Direct Current Potentials in the EEG: How to do it, what to do with it (Jay Gunkelman) Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour workshop by Jay Gunkelman.
#8 9/26/2008 Do I Exist? Ontological Insecurity and Mental Illness (David Kaiser) Futurehealth WinterBrain 20 minute plenary presentation by David Kaiser
#9 6/12/2008 Dystonia & EEG BF (Michael & Lynda Thompson) Futurehealth Plenary by Lynda & Michael Thompson
#10 11/3/2008 EEG Training to Enhance Stability of Brain Function (Sue Othmer) Futurehealth WinterBrain 37 minute plenary presentation. Perhaps the greatest challenge to good brain function is the need to sufficiently inhibit the intrinsic excitability of the central nervous system.
#11 11/3/2008 EEG/QEEG controlled study (30 subjects) (Jiri Tyl) Futurehealth Plenary by Jiri Tyl
#12 11/3/2008 EEG/QEEG/EP changes after EEG biofeedback (Jiri Tyl) futurehealth Plenary by Jiri Tyl
#13 6/12/2008 Frontal Lobe EEG Training (Sue Othmer) Futurehealth WinterBrain Plenary presentation by Sue Othmer
#14 12/5/2006 How the Brain works; Designing Neurofeedback Interventions (Jay Gunkelman) Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour workshop presentation by Jay Gunkelman. This workshop is designed for intermediate attendees, and is oriented at providing a more in depth understanding of the phenotype approach to designing a NF intervention.
#15 6/12/2008 Interhemispheric EEG Training (Sue Othmer) Futurehealth WinterBrain Workshop by Sue Othmer. Interhemispheric EEG training offers a powerful new approach to stabilizing brain function and improving communication between the hemispheres. Learn the latest techniques for optimizing clinical results through adjustment of reward and inhibit frequencies, and electrode placements to address specific brain functions.
#16 9/26/2008 Interhemispheric EEG Training (Sue Othmer) Futurehealth WinterBrain Workshop by Sue Othmer
#17 9/26/2008 Learn about and test your own ESP or Remote viewing ability (Ed May) Futurehealth Workshop by Ed May and Jon Alexander
#18 11/29/2006 Neurophysics of optimal and psi performance (Tom Collura) Futurehealth Workshop by Tom Collura Neurophysics is an approach to brain and mind that incorporates concepts of energy, information, and causality. It is applicable to optimal performance and psi phenomena, as well as normal brain function. This workshop will explore specific EEG phenomena that are related to highly optimal functioning and psi phenomena (telepathy, clairvoyance, healing, etc.), as a means to detect and train these qualities using neurofeedback.
#19 7/22/2008 Real Time QEEG Imaging During the Actual Training Session; What the Brain Does During NFB (Victoria Ibric) Hudspeth, Bill & Ibric, Victoria. Futurehealth Workshop
#20 9/26/2008 SMR Excess (Robert Gurnee) Gurnee, Robert. Futurehealth Plenary by Robert Gurnee
#21 9/26/2008 So it's all nonlinear dynamics: Now What? Future developments in Neurofeedback (Siegfried Othmer, Ph.D.) Othmer, Sig. Futurehealth Workshop by Sig Othmer1 1 Comment Count
#22 11/3/2008 The EEG under Necker Cube Reversals (Karl Pribram) Pribram, Karl. Futurehealth Plenary
#23 11/3/2008 What are we Training with EEG Neurofeedback? (Siegfried Othmer, Ph.D.) Othmer, Sig. Futurehealth Plenary

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