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#1 1/7/2007 Head and Heart: Combined Modalities: The LENS neurofeedback and HRV training (Stephen Larsen) Futurehealth Workshop by Steve Larsen Since 2002, I have used Heart Rate Variability training along with the LENS neurofeedback, to help patients with anxiety and concentraition problems especially; although the protocol seems also to help with acute chronic pain, insomnia and other problems of dysregulation. The primary modality of the LENS, as a passive form of neurofeedback, needed some kind of "homework" approach, in this case involving the HeartMath protocol to train diaphragmatic breathing along with positive visualization and thinking. The combination helps people both function better neurologically, and have a useful form of self-management when things get tough. Dr. Larsen will accompany this powerpoint presentation along with experiential demonstrations in achieving coherence in HRV and neurological balance.
#2 7/22/2008 How to Teach Breath Self-Regulation with an Understanding of HRV, RSA, C02, and the connection to Brain Training (Rosemary Macgregor) Futurehealth Workshop by Rosemary MacGregor
#3 3/18/2009 Measuring and Improving Cardiovascular Homeostasis By Heart Breathing Biofeedback (Paul Lehrer) Futurehealth Winter Brain Workshop by Paul Lehrer
#4 9/26/2008 Preventing and Healing Heart Disease with Biofeedback and Related Modalities (Naras Bhat) Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour workshop by Nara Bhat.
#5 6/6/2008 Psychological Coherence: the relationship between heart brain dynamics, positive emotions, improved health and optimal performance (Rollin McCraty) Futurehealth Workshop by Rollin McCraty

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