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Podcast    H2'ed 9/12/10

Rae Tattenbaum; Enabling Optimal Performance in Kids, Performers... and spiritual approaches and integration

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Broadcast 9/12/2010 at 11:02 AM EDT (62 Listens, 79 Downloads, 2121 Itunes)
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we cover a lot of ground-- ADD ADHD kids, optimal performance for performers in the arts and sports... spiritual approaches and integration
Notes from the interview below the recordings listed below.Â
Here are some recordings-- CDs, MP3s DVDs of Rae's presentations available for purchase.

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My Normal Brain: The Power of Technology and Spirit in renormalizing the Brain  SKU# AH-P-262   Futurehealth Plenary Talk by Rae Tattenbaum A previously undiagnosed case of Lyme disease of the central nervous system revealed a shift from a basically normal brain map to one that was strikingly abnormal. I used many intervention methods in my search for recovery ranging from medical, to neurological, to spiritual. I benchmarked my progress using past maps taken during the healing process and ultimately saw a clear shift from normal, to abnormal, to renormalization. But which of all these techniques made this happen? Which of them helped me regain my cognitive functioning? (Specifications: MP3) $7.00 (min.)

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Peak performer's edge. Integrated Peak performance   SKU# AD-W4-044   Futurehealth WinterBrain 4 hour workshop by Rae Tattenbaum. (Specifications: MP3) $25.00 (min.)

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Neurofeedback to Enhance   SKU# AD-P-15d   Futurehealth WinterBrain 20 minute plenary presentation by Rae Tattenbaum. (Specifications: MP3, 20 mins) $7.00 (min.)

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Role of the Intuitive in Sports   SKU# AD-P-22c   Futurehealth WinterBrain 20 minute plenary presentation by Rae Tattenbaum. (Specifications: MP3, 20 mins) $7.00 (min.)

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Enhancing Performance in Worksite, Sports & Performing Arts   SKU# AB-W2-009   Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour workshop by Rae Tattenbaum. (Specifications: MP3) $25.00 (min.)

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Strategies and Techniques for Scripting Powerful Mental Images and Imagery  SKU# AF-W2-014   Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour workshop presentation by Rae Tattenbaum. (Specifications: MP3)
  • story
  • mental imagery
 $25.00 (min.)

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Using Elite Performer Biographies and Skill and Ability Stories to Enhance Performance   SKU# AF-P-007   Futurehealth WinterBrain 20 minute plenary presentation by Rae Tattenbaum. (Specifications: MP3, 20 mins) $7.00 (min.)

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Just Behind Your Eyes - Creating Mental Imagery and Rehearsal   SKU# AE-W2-027   Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour workshop by Rae Tattenbaum. (Specifications: MP3, 2 hours) $25.00 (min.)

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The Role of Attention   SKU# AD-P-08c   Futurehealth WinterBrain 20 minute plenary presentation by Rae Tattenbaum. (Specifications: MP3, 20 mins) $7.00 (min.)

Raw Notes from the interview


tags attention, anxiety, children, performing arts, dancers, singers

sleepless children, worried children. anatomy of an epidemic, open focus

been in neurofeedback over 15 years, an MSW, had a career in professional theater and as a professional coach, spent 12 years in telecommunications-- helping non-profits look at how they could protect themselves. Rae is an adventurer, the only MSW in the corporation-- asked "how do you use technology?" Â

BCIA EEG fellow, instructor at University of Hartford-- in Music and Dance Departments, Teach a course ISSUES IN PEDAGOGY at Hartt School.

working with incoming freshman class at the Hart school, in Dance-- putting together a heart rate variability

Working on finding their resonant frequency and the way to be balanced.

Dancers' bodies were not warm and ready to dance.

Has had opportunity to see arc of the careers of student performers.
The work is all about being present.
In 50s, 60s, 70s used to be introduction on how artists could use metal imagery.
People didn't have effective attention to stay with mental imagery.
I've learned with artists to bring on mental imagery after biofeedback and neurofeedback.

Biofeedback and neurofeedback definitions
Neurofeedback is a subset of BF, where we're using electrical activity beneath the scalp that is generated by the central nervous sytem.

The central nervous system WANTS to improve performance, wants to be in a balanced state.
No central nervous system wants to be in a constant state of stress... CNS seeks out a homeostasis, a balance,...

BF, NF takes it out of the talking mode and moves...
comparing psychotherapy with BF/Neurofeedback
using technology, we are stripping away, we are not looking at diagnosis, we are looking at how can we create for a place that feels balanced and the more you return to the balanced state, the more you are rewarded. The more you return to balance the more old habits become willing to unbundle themselves.

trainer will look for shifts in the way the client or student carried out their life.

case: 17 year old reports;
better ability to establish priorities
better memory, maturity, grades, relationship with parents,
went on honor roll,

back to balance after going, as volunteer EMS tech to mass shooting.

Case: 10 year old
attention issue, auditory processing, reading, visual issue, inability to be still.
Discovered how extremely sensitive he was.
transferred the concept of optimal and power performance to working with kids.

less fearful, less anxious, doing better in school and improved attention.

NY Times did a feature, Sept 1, child's ordeal shows risk of psychosis drugs for young.
We're living in a society now where the pharmaceutical companies have identified certain symptoms and the symptoms ahve been sold to all of us. And rather than the community of concerned adults looking at "what is the first intervention"-- the first intervention has always been psychotherapy, behavior therapy and parent guidelines..

The American Academy of Pediatric now says biofeedback is an effective tool for ADD and ADHD

Anatomy of an Epidemic, by Whitaker, published by Crown. article on huffpo

We're medicating our children and that means we're now medicating side-effects.

How do we get alternative tools out to families and their children?
I true to be visible, try to teach community education classes.

As a result of work with performers, I became aware of the impact of developmental trauma, attachment issues and adversity.

The performing self-- like creating a false self the self comfortable on stage, playing field-- that's the self that gets the recognition.
Help them feel more  present in their performing self.

When they are dancing they are fully in their body,
when they are writing they are more present, more authentic, more real in their voice.

I combine technology with the use of certain breathing tools, with a very powerful tool called open focus, with mental imagery and coaching.

When you weave this together with neurofeedback, it's very powerful.

the biggest compliment I can get that said-- thank you-- your work has meant so much to us.

Begin with introducing some breathing, without any technology
I introduce neurofeedback very quickly, several times a week,
then add mental imagery-- comes before or after session.
then I do customized open focus.
That means if you are a cellist, I will create, with him.
Open focus is a set of questions that help develop attention.
I will create questions like
can you imagine the space between your fingers and the string?
can you imagine the space between your heart and the bow?

went from being someone who didn't feel he had what it took to someone with a very high ranking.

It's kind of fun working with people at the Metropolitan Opera.

don't have a lot of money
don't have a steady job
are most happy when they are engaged in their art form
they search for balance. In many of these successful artists you will watch the migration from a more powerful life to a more optimal life- involved in community, spiritual life
They demand a certain kind of attention and accessibility. When they come to see me I am very sensitive to who comes in, who comes in after. They can call me before or after an event. However I'm using that same way of operating with the children--
When they come to see me they come to see me to improve their performance to become stars in their own lives.

Neurofeedback is the tool that helps you truly quiet yourself and revisit something that you were born with and learn again-- to be oriented to the present and what is going on, to feel safe and relaxed. The most important path is to find some kind of purpose to our lives, some dimension to spirit, to a higher self. When you do neurofeedback there is more connection to that relationship to yourself, to others.

there are fouir dimensions happening in the room
technology, client, myself, the higher force or energy of it-- that this quadrant, we are working together. When we are working in harmony together, when the client feels safe and okay to be present and the technology works, I always encourage the client to create a container for themselves to feel safe, to ground themselves. I encourage them to listen to their heart, to move from their ongoging thoughts to allowing ther heart to speak to them and to be aware of their physiology, in their sense of energy... and that's how I work.

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