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EEG/qEEG and NFB with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
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Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour presentation by Jay Gunkleman.

The number of cases comprising the larger neurological studies of Autistic Spectrum Disorder seldom reaches an "N" of N=7. This has led to an under-characterization of the spectrum, based on too small a sample.
There is a growing body of cases where those diagnosed with this spectrum have been studied with the EEG/qEEG. Already there is evidence of the varied nature of the EEG profiles within the group.
There are characteristics of the qEEG which support the findings seen in the neurological communities research; the involvement of the limbic structures and the cingulate.

One profile which has implications for NF beta and SMR training will be shown. This profile has en excess of faster activity, with very severe outcome if beta or SMR is used. The sensitivity of these cases and the efficacy of a broad band beta suppress protocol is discussed.
Other general findings of this growing case series will be discussed, with some of the slower profiles demonstrated with case reviews.


Author: Jay Gunkelman

Starting in 1972 with the first State Hospital based biofeedback laboratory, and then specializing in EEG for decades, Jay is an experienced Clinical and research EEG/qEEG specialist and consultant. Author of many scientific papers, and a mounting list of books, his depth of understanding of the mind/brain's function is helpful in communicating the underlying mechanisms and systems of the brain, mind, and consciousness. Jay is a popular lecturer world-wide, and he has occupied leadership positions in the field's professional societies. Now with Q-Pro, an international EEG/qEEG services group, he provides services world-wide.

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