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Building Your Dream Private Practice
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Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour presentation by Peter Van Deusen.

Many practitioners are concerned with marketing and client volume for their practices but end up with a workload that does not fulfill them. This is the result of a failure to treat the practice as a business. Simply spending money to advertise, speaking to groups, writing columns or newsletters or a variety of other common techniques will not have the desired effect if these efforts are not based on a vision of the ideal practice and a specific plan to achieve it. The presenter has served as CEO of a number of hospitals in turnaround situations, built and managed a multi-center neurofeedback practice in Atlanta for a decade and currently operates a successful business providing training to practitioners interested in providing neurofeedback services around the country and internationally. He will present and guide participants through a detailed process of envisioning and planning the practice of their dreams. Participants also qualify for membership in the PracticeBuilder listserve, where they will have access to colleagues, their successes and learning experiences.


Author: Peter VanDeusen

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