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The 5 Myths of Acupuncture: Do you Know them?

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Some patients feel that they would "have no use" for acupuncture. Others have no idea of the multitude and variety of diseases and disorders that it helps. This article dispels some of your questions and puts to rests the myths surrounding this 5000-year-old holistic health science. Yes, acupuncture has been in existence for 5000 years; compared to western medicine that is just over 200 years old.

1. "Acupuncture works only if you believe in it." Not so. Acupuncture has a physiological affect on the body and brain chemistry. Proven to release endorphins and to positively affect and balance the sympathetic, parasympathetic, autonomic and central nervous systems it creates homeostasis in the body. When the body is in homeostasis I it is unencumbered by disease. The body is working more efficiently and effectively. Acupuncture restores blood flow and increases circulation to ligaments, muscles and nerves. It reduces stress and fatigue and, supports your immune system.

2. "Acupuncture needles hurt!" Not so. They are hair-like, and very thin. They are not anything like injection needles or needles used to draw blood. Rest assured. You may only feel a tiny pinch if anything, and then they are left in your body for anywhere from 20-40 minutes while you rest. Needle quality varies!

3. "Herbs aren't safe." Herbs used properly are very safe and have little or no side effects as do western pharmaceuticals. An herbalist usually provides you with what is in an herb formula and how it functions for you. It is not a two page, double-sided sheet, in 6-point type, listing negative side effects. Western pharmaceuticals companies thrive on profit. They have no interest in curing your disease or resolving your health issues. Western drugs mask symptoms. Herbs many times, help treat and remove the root of your problems. Western medicine is important, but exhibits no concern for keeping you healthy! Herbal formulas are specifically and uniquely made for your constitution and disorders---that is why you get such great results.

4. "Acupuncture is expensive." Not so, either. Several insurance companies cover acupuncture. Check with your carrier. If you do not have insurance, the costs of treatment are reasonable given that it often can solve your pain issues, or restore your health. Isn't your quality of life worth it?

5. "Once I start treatment do I need to continue forever?" No. Acute problems like a sports injury, a cold, or flu, fatigue, stress, or digestive upsets resolve quickly. Chronic problems vary in the number of treatments required. Everyone responds differently. Generally, I see success in over 80% of my patient base. Your practitioner will assess your prognosis and progress and advise what is appropriate for you.

It is time to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern medicine. Be your own advocate and seek holistic treatment to resolve your health problems more naturally. Western drugs are harsh on your liver and kidneys. Improve your health now by taking more holistic care of yourself. Improve the quality of your nutrition and balance your lifestyle "you will feel better.

Traditional Chinese medicine includes acupuncture and herbal medicine. It treats pain and headaches, respiratory, and digestive problems as well as stress, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue. It is also very successful in treating gynecological and fertility issues (both male factor and female infertility). Be your own advocate and check it out. Acupuncture works. Please pass this on to a friend or family member in need.

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I am a gentle and caring practitioner of acupuncture and herbal medicine. PhD in Holistic Nutrition. Author of "Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for Women's Health: Bridging the Gap Between Western and Eastern Medicine" Solo practitioner (more...)

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