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#1 11/14/2010 Lewis Mehl-Madrona Using Story to Heal in Psychiatry (Rob Kall)
#2 10/31/2010 Sig Othmer; Low Frequency neurofeedback (Rob Kall)
#3 10/17/2010 Robert Whitaker-- Drugging Kids to Disability and Death / Ideology of America On Drugs (Rob Kall) 1 1 Comment Count
#4 10/3/2010 Robert Whitaker author Anatomy of An Epidemic; How Psychiatry Failed and Betrayed America, killing 1000s, Disabling Millions (Rob Kall)
#5 9/19/2010 John Taylor Gatto, author Dumbing Us Down and Weapons of Mass Instruction (Rob Kall)
#6 9/12/2010 Rae Tattenbaum; Enabling Optimal Performance in Kids, Performers... and spiritual approaches and integration (Rob Kall)
#7 8/15/2010 Hal Myers president and co-founder of the world's largest biofeedback company (Rob Kall)
#8 7/18/2010 Tom Collura visions of the future of Neurofeedback, Z-Scores, qEEG and a bit of history (Rob Kall)
#9 7/9/2010 Robert Thatcher Advances in Understanding the Brain, Z-Score Neurofeedback, Why EEG is More Important than ever (Rob Kall)
#10 6/27/2010 Lynda Thompson; ADD, Autistic Spectrum, Asperger Syndrome (Rob Kall)
#11 6/20/2010 Stephen Sideroff, Ph.D. Neurofeedback and Reslience, Addiction, Sports Psychology, Chronic Pain and more (Rob Kall)
#12 6/6/2010 Lynn Johnson, Anger and Positive Psychology (Rob Kall)
#13 5/28/2010 Rick Hanson; Co-author; Buddha's Brain;The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, love and wisdom (Rob Kall)
#14 5/23/2010 Richard Soutar Neurofeedback, Transformation, AVS Entrainment, EEG Database, PTSD, Bio Psycho Social Mapping (Rob Kall)
#15 5/16/2010 Sebern Fisher; Attachment Disorder, Developmental Trauma and Neurofeedback (Rob Kall)
#16 5/9/2010 Jerry Wesch Treating Troops with PTSD and TBI (Rob Kall)
#17 5/2/2010 Gary Schwartz-- afterlife, dream, parapsychology experiments and studies (Rob Kall)
#18 5/2/2010 Michael Linden, ADHD, Autism and Aspergers In Sports, School, Brainmapping to Detect Autism, and Neurofeedback Treatment (Rob Kall)
#19 4/9/2010 Greg Levoy; Author of Callings: Finding and Following An Authentic Life (Rob Kall)
#20 4/9/2010 Craig Webb; Dreams and the Unconcious (Rob Kall)
#21 4/4/2010 Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD Story and Native American Healing (Rob Kall)
#22 3/27/2010 Norm Shealy, MD (Rob Kall)
#23 3/27/2010 Töres Theorell, , MD. Ph.D. Bottom Up Managers have healthier employees, better efficiencies. Top Down Managers Raise employee risk of DEATH (Rob Kall)
#24 3/20/2010 Hershel Toomim on Brain Blood Flow, HEG Hemoencephalography Neurofeedback (Rob Kall)
#25 3/20/2010 Caroline Myss; internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition (Rob Kall)
#26 3/14/2010 James Cutting; Shot by shot, films have evolved to resemble the natural rhythms of the brain. (Rob Kall)
#27 3/14/2010 Steven Barnes; Fear, The Hero's Journey Course, Dying, Enlightenment (Rob Kall)
#28 3/7/2010 Valdeane Brown on Non Linear Dynamical Healing (Rob Kall)
#29 3/7/2010 Sue Wilson; Sports Psychology, Olympians, Neurofeedback and Biofeedback (Rob Kall)
#30 2/28/2010 Earl Miller top down Bottom Up brain processes (Rob Kall)

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