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# Date Link
#1 6/22/2009 qEEG Foundations DVD Course (FutureHealth Products)
#2 6/20/2008 Advances in QEEG (Bill Hudspeth)
#3 7/22/2008 BCIAC, BCIA-EEG, ECNS-QEEG Tools, Gears and Paraphernalia in QEEG (KH Wong)
#4 6/20/2008 EEG/qEEG and NFB with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (Jay Gunkelman)
#5 12/1/2005 Neurofeedback Treatment of Dyslexia (Gary J. Schummer, Ph.D.)
#6 6/20/2008 QEEG Based subtypes of child and adult ADDÂ… (Robert Gurnee)
#7 9/26/2008 QEEG for Protocol Development (M. Barry Sterman)
#8 11/3/2008 QEEG Patterns with Medical & Psychological Disorders (Corydon Hammond)
#9 7/22/2008 Real Time QEEG Imaging During the Actual Training Session; What the Brain Does During NFB (Victoria Ibric)
#10 9/26/2008 SPECT vs QEEG Map VS QEEG Scan (Michael Linden)

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