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Development and ageing across the lifespan using common Development and ageing across the lifespan using common (SKU: AG-P-146)
Futurehealth Plenary Talk by Kamran Fallahpour This study established standardized age, gender and years of education norms for subjects spanning nine decades for a newly developed battery of neuropsychological tests, IntegNeuro. The battery is standardized and fully automated, using a computerized touchscreen. The twelve neuropsychological tests of the battery were administered to 1007 male and female volunteers across the age range 6 to 82. Sensitive indicators of change during development and ageing were widely obtained on comprehensive measures of attention and working memory, learning and memory retrieval, and language, visuospatial function, sensori-motor and executive function. Improvement tended to occur through to the third and fourth decade of life, followed by gradual decrement and/or relatively stabilized performance thereafter. These results strongly underscore the need for most neuropsychological tests to norm according to age. Gender differences were obtained on measures of sustained attention, verbal learning and memory, visuospatial processing and motor function. Years of education in the adult cohort was reflected in better performance on a range of verbal measures. The IntegNeuro test battery presented as a sensitive indicator of normative function and provides a reference for assessing the presence of abnormal cognition, for evaluation of treatment effects and for longitudinal case management.
Computerized Neuropsych Screen, Norms, Validation
Dream Applications in Medicine Dream Applications in Medicine (SKU: AH-P-253)
Futurehealth StoryCon 20 minute presentation by Craig Webb.
Dreams, Health, Medicine
Edison Gene ADHD Workshop Edison Gene ADHD Workshop (SKU: AF-W4-022)
Futurehealth WinterBrain 4 hour workshop presentation by Thom Hartmann.
Adhd, Edison Gene
Empathy: A Network Perspective Empathy: A Network Perspective (SKU: AH-P-376)
Futurehealth Plenary Talk by Sigfried Othmer. The emergence of altruism, a puzzle to evolutionary biology, can be understood as a natural concomitant of the emergence of empathy.
Attachment, Morality Morals, Morality Morals
Entering the Mandala: Living the Sacred Circle sm Entering the Mandala: Living the Sacred Circle sm (SKU: AH-W2-269)
Futurehealth Workshop by John DeLuca From early childhood, we construct a notion of ourselves and world. When our life experience is at odds with our view that arises from these fabrications, we suffer. In this experiential workshop, we explore the notion of the self as a mandala and more importantly, our immersion into the sacred space of the mandala environment in the spirit of Buddhist tantric practice. In this sense, the mandala is a metaphor for the deconstruction and reformation of the self and our notion of reality. Create a better life. Change your expectations and change your world. Re-vision yourself and live the light!
Indo-tibetan Buddhist Tantra, Inner Transformation, Mandala Practice
Entropy, Information, and Flexibility Entropy, Information, and Flexibility (SKU: AG-P-166)
Futurehealth Plenary Talk by George Martin An overview of entropy from anesthesia research. Spectral entropy has been referred to as the log of available cortical microstates. The Presentation will review research on anesthesia and entropy, cortical microstates, and possible applications to neurofeedback training and review of sessions.
Consciousness, Entropy, Microstates
Everyday Olympics:  Coach Yourself to Achieve Breakthrough Outcomes by  Shifting Paradigms Everyday Olympics: Coach Yourself to Achieve Breakthrough Outcomes by Shifting Paradigms (SKU: AG-W2-052)
Futurehealth Workshop by Colleen Turner What do you do when your everyday method of problem-solving doesn?t solve your problem? Quit? Tell yourself it can?t be solved? How about altering your approach? This workshop can help you resolve a difficulty of your choosing by using methods favored by masters from markedly different spheres. Doubtful? Keep in mind unfamiliar techniques or ones you find uncomfortable or consider silly may provide just the nudge your blind-spotted default position needs. Shaking up your ?correct? strategy can create openings for outcomes otherwise unavailable. So don?t give up before giving this workshop a chance to help clarify your ?favorite? conundrum.
Breakthroughs, Coaching, Paradigms
Everything You Need for a Successful NeuroFB Practice Everything You Need for a Successful NeuroFB Practice (SKU: AC-W2-003)
Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour presentation by Gay Larned. This practice development workshop offers an easy approach to the fundamental basics of a successful NF practice and is designed for new and established clinicians alike.
Marketing, Neurofeedback, Professional - Practice Issues
Exploring the Connection between TB Miasms and ADD Exploring the Connection between TB Miasms and ADD (SKU: AH-P-374)
Futurehealth WinterBrain Plenary presentation by Tom Stone.
Add, Health ADHD- ADD, TB Miasm
Exploring the In-Between: QEEG/LORETA Findings of \ Exploring the In-Between: QEEG/LORETA Findings of "Other Dimensional Awareness" (SKU: AH-P-266)
Futurehealth Plenary Talk by John DeLuca Anomalous experiences, such as spirit communication and perception of other dimensions, have been reported in individuals with complex partial seizures and temporal lobe epilepsy, closed head injury, or other traumatic emotional experiences. The QEEG and LORETA findings of a near 50-year old man with the above symptoms and a history of temporal lobe epilepsy are presented. The latter are compared to previous SPECT and MRI data as well relevant findings in the literature.
Anomalous Experiences, Qeeg-loreta, Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Showing 151-164 of 164 items
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