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#1 6/20/2008 Buddhism, the Yogic Self, and Neurofeedback (Al Collins)
#2 6/12/2008 Conditioning the Baroreflex (Paul Lehrer)
#3 12/27/2006 How To Help Chronic Pain Patients With A Simple Temp Trainer (Jerry Wesch)
#4 6/20/2008 Managing Self and Managing Awareness (Les Fehmi)
#5 6/12/2008 Mind Tech and Breath Walk (Uwe Gerlach)
#6 9/26/2008 Neurofeedback as Self-Awareness/Self Regulation Training:Getting Away from the Illness Treatment Model (John Anderson)
#7 6/20/2008 Peak Awareness (Richard Williams)
#8 7/22/2008 The Enduring Impact of Attachment Trauma on the Developing Right Brain: Disorders of Self-Regulation (Allan Schore)

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